[House of Commons Hansard Debates] Mobile Phones (Health Effects)

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December 20, 2010

“Despite what the mobile phone lobby continues to tell us, all those studies have one thing in common. The issue of whether mobile phone use increases the risk of brain cancers remains open. The link between phones and cancer may turn out to be like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, in the case of which our original fears did not come to fruition, or it may turn out to be like the link between tobacco and lung cancer. The truth is that we simply do not know. Further independent research over a longer period is needed. At this point I must issue a statistics health warning. Matt Parker has implored me to make it clear that we will never reach the point of saying, “Mobile phones do not cause cancer”; there will merely be more and more studies showing that there is no reason to believe that they do not.”

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Lloyds of London Review of Cell Phone Risks – Unresolved

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The latest Emerging Risks Report considers recent research into whether exposure to electromagnetic fields from mobile phones can cause health problems and the impact this could have on the insurance industry.

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