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Public Policy & Education Projects

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I) The Right to Know

Working with state and local officials in California, Maine, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, New Mexico, New York, and Canada. We are advising and reviewing public information tools to promote safer cell phone use. Collaborators: Rob Stewart, Harry Lehman, JD, Ellen Marks, BA, honorable Representative Andrea Boland (Maine).

II) Training Programs for Teachers & Parents On Reducing Cell Phone and Other Environmental Health Risks

Using our multi-media materials, we are training teachers and parents to reach out to their schools and community groups with clear and simple advice to reduce environmental health hazards. See video. Collaborators: Rene Glick, Diana Joy, Molly Braver, Lillian Buss.

III) Health Professional Training and Education

Working at universities around the world. EHT associated expert advisors are deliverying Continuing Medical Education program to promote greater awareness to these issues. Collaborators: Anne Sasco, MD PhD, Ruth Etzel, MD PhD, David Servan-Schreiber, MD PhD, Mark Hyman, MD, Woodson Merrill, MD.

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Research Topics

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I) What health problems are linked with cell phones?

Brain and cheek cancer are not the only health risks increased by heavy cell phone use. This project will review the latest scientific findings on: uveal melanoma, monocular cataracts, Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s, and autism. For example, US hospital admissions have increased dramatically within the last twenty-five years from phenochromocytoma (adrenal gland tumors). In 1992, CK Chou and W Guy et al showed that rats exposed to cell phone-like radiation has seven times more of this rare tumor. Monica Han, PhD, Lloyd Morgan, BCE.

II) All brains are not equal

In collaboration with Annie Sasco, MD, PhD, we are developing pictures and descriptions explaining that young and small brains are not the same as old and big ones. There is an immediate need to move from the existing industry-defined SAR certification SAM Model process to a computer simulation process, which would allow us to understand the true absorption rate of people of different sizes and ages. Expert Collaborators include: Om P. Gandhi, PhD, Alvaro de Salles, PhD, Ronald B. Herberman, MD, Lloyd Morgan, BCE, Monica Han, PhD.

III) Case Reports on cell phone associated illness

We are compiling medical records and histories on persons whose patterns of cell phone use are probably associated with specific diseases. A special concern – a report of young women who have kept their cell phones in their bras and have developed a breast tumor where they held there phones. Collaborators: Anne Sasco, MD PhD, Lisa Ridgway, MD, Robert Nagourney, MD.

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